Racism In America

It's okay for Black Only Beauty Pageants and other functions?

It's okay to discriminate based on skin color, as long as it is black, job hiring based on Skills and Education seems no longer important?

It's okay for black only clubs and organizations?

It's okay even for politicians as long as they are black?

Those above are just a few examples of racism in our country. I find it amazing that now it's okay for racism as long as it favors black and brown people, flat out foreignors or even illegal aliens ? Well I am tired of alot of this and quite annoyed. I am considered to be white/caucasian, 2nd generation American, you see my grand parents "came" to this country legally in the early 1900's, my family on one side comes from Lithuania and the other side Canada/France and Britain.

Racism still exists now it is just against white people, at least NON-Elite ones, the Nancy Pelosi's, Clintons, Reid's and other race liars are exempt, because they pretend to not be racist, as long as they can keep their jobs in politics and expensive lifestyles they do not feel the effects of the new racism they are creating.

It's funny, keep the majority of little people (us whether black, brown or white) arguing and angry with each other, while allowing a few people of color into their little clique at the top to enjoy the fruits of domination. We are just serfs it seems in the new kingdom of the Progressive/Democrat/Communist/Socialist. Well November 2018's a coming. And I won't be voting democrat, and may not be voting Republican neither.

Again? I do not know, just thinking.