Racism In America

It's okay for Black Only Beauty Pageants and other functions?

It's okay to discriminate based on skin color, as long as it is black, job hiring based on Skills and Education seems no longer important?

It's okay for black only clubs and organizations?

It's okay even for politicians as long as they are black?

It's okay for television

It's okay for magazines

Those above are just a few examples of racism in our country. I find it amazing that white people are always called racist? White people aren't the ones creating and demanding these racist groups. I read in media matters that "La Raza" doesn't mean "The Race", although that is the literal translation, it has been defended as meaning "The Community", okay sure that's cute. The article is written by "Cristina López G. (she) is a Senior Researcher, with a focus in Hispanic media and Latino representation. She has a graduate degree in public policy from Georgetown University". As quoted at media matters.

So, white people are apparently racist all the time, even though there are "Senior Researchers" with a focus in "Hispanic media and Latino representation". You are so wrapped up in your own minds that you cannot see that it is you who are the ones who are racist. You are the ones seperating yourselves through ethnic and racial identity all the time. You fail to see or choose to just ignore this fact. I can't help but think of something I saw once, a comic "Brad Williams" whom is a very short human, in his comedy act did a quick almost robotic like strut or walk while saying "I'm a midget, I'm a midget, I'm a midget" he was explaining in that portion of the skit that being a smaller stature person is not the only thing on his mind all day long. If you're confused look up "Brad Williams Fun Size".

I persoanlly don't go around in life all day thinking "I'm a white guy, I'm a white guy, I'm a white guy". I have better things to think about and more important things to think about and do.

Again? I do not know, just thinking.