Hello we are Dawn and Ken-ZoŽ M. Stevenson

Taxes we have paid this year so far: $ 5 , 6 3 4 . 0 3

Above includes (04/05/2016) Obamafine: $ 1 , 3 8 0 . 0 0

My open letter to Republicans:

Democrats lost my vote a long time ago, you however have now also lost my vote! Because you continue to steal my money through taxes, in our case to the tune of $1,380.00 for the so-called ObamaCare fine. Tell us why we would vote for you? We will now be voting 3rd party or not voting at all.

We hear this pretend bitching on the news how peoples health care will be taken away, or how people will not even get health care? Uhm a place called Convenient MD only charges $150.00 to see an actual doctor. What we have is just another welfare program, might as well call it "HealthFare" and/or "Slush Fund" for the insurance companies, they get free money in premiums, we get shit in return.

We have to pay around $30 a week for so-called insurance that comes with a $3000.00 deductible for each of us so that's really $6,000.00 uhm so apparently we are getting a bargain by paying about $7,560.00 for health insurance? I don't know how to tell you this but my health costs are not nearly that much, so we pay as we go ourselves and yet you fuck us up the ass with a fine?

Oh and for you smart asses that are thinking about accidents of any kind? Health insurance does NOT cover many types of accidents, such as a vehicle accident! Nope, uh uh, nada, zilch or maybe you slipped at a friends house on the stairs? Uhm oopsy, nope not gonna do it, you see that's where automobile and home insurance come in to play. Oh and for you idiots that think this is bull? We have proof, oh boy do we have proof! Just try it sometime, get hurt at a friends house, say a sprained ankle, nice an easy nothing big, tell the doctor and the health insurance company how and where it happened and like magic you're not covered. Your friend better have insurance, because that's who the health insurance company is going to refer you to. Ask your friend for a couple bucks or sue for the insurance money. Yup that's how it works!

Insurance companies only cover the situation that was paid for, understand! You are not randomly covered by health insurance to go skiing, hit a tree and break a leg, you are either on your own or you sue the Ski Area that you paid to go skiing at, however they (The Ski Area) usually make you sign a binder/waiver reporting you are skiing at your own risk.

I have a prescription which costs about $8.00 a month and when I see the doctor I presently use (although that is likely to change) costs me $195.00 a visit so I am obviously being ripped off when I have to pay (this year) $856.00 for my health concerns verses that bargain of $7,560.00 that you are trying to require. But then again there's that free money called the Obamacare fine of $1,380.00 for the government, well then again if we pay for useless insurance it costs us about $1,560.00 a year or at the moment we just pay the fine for $1,380.00 it is cheaper by $180.00 for now, either way we don't get anything of real value, cause we's don't got the $6,000 for the deductible. Oh and we checked into the exchange, uhmm it's actually about the same premium $30.00 a week, but the deductible is only "wait for it, wait for it" only a measely $7,500.00 per person, WOW that's a fucking bargain! Only $15,000.00 for us to use that great health insurance.

Oh and we are too affluent for Medicaid, sorry American public you have'nt paid for any of my health care costs, but we have paid for yours!

Hopefully the slaves will revolt soon! It happened once before on 07/04/1776!

When in the Course of human events,

it becomes necessary for one people

to dissolve the political bands

which have connected them with another

and to assume among the powers of the earth,

the separate and equal station

to which the Laws of Nature

and of Nature's God entitle them,

a decent respect to the opinions of mankind

requires that they should declare the causes

which impel them to the separation.

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia,

being necessary to the security of a free State,

Means: The country can establish a military

to defend the people.

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,

shall not be infringed.

Means: The PEOPLE can have arms/guns

to defend themselves from the government!

And Others!

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